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Oily Skin Moisturizer and Face Oil

Clear up blemishes. Control the shine.


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Oil-on-oil might sound counterintuitive, but the reason skin gets slick in the first place is because it’s assaulted with drying facial cleansers and acne treatments. Controlling blemishes with harsh products actually signals your deeper skin layers to pump out more oil – perpetuating a shiny-in-a-bad-way complexion.

blossom jar’s Oily Skin Moisturizing Face Oil helps balance your skin’s moisture levels by giving it the type of nourishment it needs.

A special blend of organic almond and jojoba oils is infused with the raw nutritional properties of:
Lavender – detoxifies skin and reduces scarring
Calendula – brightens skin tone and provides a dose of antioxidants
Yarrow – tones down inflammation
Lemon Balm – penetrates deep into your pores and acts as a natural astringent

Your handcrafted face moisturizer also receives a dose of therapeutic-grade and organic essential oils that are key to supporting oily skin:
Tea Tree – fights breakout infections and heals acne
Mandarin – balances oily skin and cools inflammation
Lavender – protects against bacteria and soothes skin
Carrot Seed – clears blemishes and freshens skin tone

*NOTE* As our most astringent oil, this blend is primarily designed for oily and thick skin that suffers from acne (usually prevalent during adolescence and young adulthood). If you’re of childbearing age or older with breakouts on the chin or jaw, our Hormonal Skin blend may be a better option.

Oily Skin Face Oil Ingredient List:
Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Yarrow Infusion, Lemon Balm Infusion, Calendula Infusion, Lavender Infusion, Mandarin Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil

Shake gently and massage small amount on clean and damp face and neck. Use day and night for best results. During the day, we recommend applying sunscreen on top of the oil to keep skin protected. Avoid eye area.

Storage / Travel Cap and Dropper:
Each bottle comes with a screw-on cap for daily storage and travel. A dropper (as shown in product photos) is provided to measure out the amount of drops you’d like to apply to skin.

Shelf Life:
6-8 months

1 ounce / 30 mL

Customer Reviews:
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Additional Information:
For details on where to store your product, how long a bottle should last and more, visit our Q&A page.

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