Winter Face Steam for Dry Skin

Beauty Benefits of Steaming - Dry Winter Skin Recipe from blossom jar skincare

Chilly winters call for warm and soothing beauty treatments. Leaning over a steaming bowl of herb-infused water is one of the simplest and most effective ways to care for skin during this change in the seasons. We’ve praised the benefits of steaming before as a gentle way of opening pores and cleansing toxins, but during the drying winter months this practice is ideal for filling pores with healing and bolstering natural herbs.

Rose petals are full of accessible natural oils that are hydrating, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. Chamomile flowers calm irritation and alleviate dry patches – and are especially helpful for psoriasis and eczema! Oats have been clinically proven to heal itchy, dry skin and are a softening balm for wind-blown complexions, while comfrey root is packed with allantoin, a skin-healing agent that soothes chapped and irritated skin. And fennel seeds contain phytohormones that rejuvenate skin and stimulate cells, which is critical when skin is exposed to cold weather.

Following is our five-ingredient recipe for an ultra-moisturizing steam blend that you can make at home. Buy the ingredients in bulk and pamper skin one to three times per week. Frostbitten noses and ruddy cheeks don’t stand a chance!

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¼ cup Rose Petals
¼ cup Chamomile Flowers
½ cup Oats
2 tbs. Comfrey Root
1 tbs. Fennel Seeds


Heat five cups of water to boiling.

While water is boiling, combine all ingredients and crush gently with a mortar and pestle. Transfer to a heat-resistant bowl or container.

Pour boiling water over ingredients and cover with a towel. Allow to steep for three minutes.

Place clean face 8-12 inches above steaming water and cover head with towel. Allow the steam to heal your skin for 10 minutes, taking a breath of fresh air when necessary.

To finish, apply your blossom jar face oil while skin is still nice and damp!