What’s In Your Bottle? Spotlight on Marjoram

blossom jar Natural Skincare Ingredients - Marjoram for Dry and Aging Skin

In celebration of the amazing botanicals and oils that infuse our blends and fill your bottles, we’re shining the spotlight on one special ingredient every month. Each flower, herb, carrier oil or essential oil has a very specific reason for being in your blossom jar product, and we’d like to share its unique story.

From medicinal properties to the ways they were used throughout history, we hope you’ll come to love and admire our natural ingredients as much as we do! This month: moisturizing marjoram. 

Marjoram (Origanum majorana)

In folklore, marjoram was considered the flower of happiness. The ancient Greeks and Romans placed crowns of marjoram on the heads of young couples to wish them a joyful life, while the deceased were said to die happy if wild marjoram grew on their tomb. Its scent alone was believed to bring good health, and the fragrant oil was highly sought after for perfumes, toiletries and liqueurs.

blossom jar Natural Ingredients - Marjoram for dry or aging skin

courtesy WildTurmeric.net

As a medicinal remedy, the Greeks used marjoram extensively to treat convulsions, eliminate poison, and drain excess fluid from the body. In ancient Egypt, marjoram was commonly used in the embalming process. Even superstitious folk swore that putting marjoram and wild thyme near milk in a dairy would prevent it from curdling during thunderstorms.

In the kitchen, marjoram falls into the oregano family and is a popular culinary herb noted for its minty and cool flavor. Taken internally or applied on the skin, it provides similar soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Bruises, sore muscles, stomachaches and bronchial infections can all be treated with marjoram, and skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rashes and general sensitivity are especially receptive to the herb’s tonic nature.

blossom jar Natural Skincare Ingredients - Marjoram for Dry and Aging Skin

courtesy Botanicalillustrations.org

Marjoram also stimulates the skin, helping with re-generation and combating wrinkles and signs of aging. Its antiseptic, bactericidal and vulnerary attributes make it ideal for protecting and healing skin, especially dry or aging complexions.

We love this herb so much that we mix marjoram essential oil into blossom jar’s best-selling Dry face oil. This skin type needs extra protection, and marjoram’s soothing abilities help restore suppleness and health.

Here’s to celebrating Mother Nature in each and every bottle of blossom jar!


*Historical and scientific information on marjoram obtained from “The New American Herbal” by Stephen Orr.