What’s In Your Bottle? Spotlight on Calendula

blossom jar - What's In Your Bottle? Ingredient Highlights: Calendula

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In celebration of the amazing botanicals and oils that infuse our blends and fill your bottles, we’re shining the spotlight on one special ingredient every month. Each flower, herb, carrier oil or essential oil has a very specific reason for being in your blossom jar product, and we’d like to share its unique story.

From medicinal properties to the ways they were used throughout history, we hope you’ll come to love and admire our natural ingredients as much as we do! This month: calming calendula.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Also known as marigold, calendula was a popular garden flower for cooking and medicine hundreds of years ago.  Both herbalists and housewives turned to this bright flower to cure a variety of ailments, including headaches, red eyes, fevers, warts and bruises. Ground-up blossoms were applied to all manner of wounds and skin conditions, including acne and open sores. During times of plague, calendula was made into a jam to keep disease at bay. But its use wasn’t strictly medicinal. Its vibrant color was also used to naturally dye cheese and was nicknamed ‘poor man’s saffron.’

blossom jar Ingredient Highlight: Calendula Infusion in All Products

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For a time in the Soviet Union, calendula was called ‘Russian penicillin’ and was used to treat measles and smallpox. Across the world, the Shakers, a religious sect in America, believed it to be an effective cure for gangrene.

In the magical sense, a marigold flower was worn to court to evoke a favorable trial outcome. Stuffing marigold petals into one’s mattress promised to bring prophetic dreams, while placing it under the mattress made wishes come true.

Scientifically, calendula is filled with antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral and demulcent (or soothing) properties. It is considered one of the best herbs for treating wounds and inflammation topically. Its healing properties help cure skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis, boils and scarring. It also provides normal skin with a healthy glow and protection against bacteria and environmental toxins.

blossom jar Ingredient Highlight: Calendula - Tea for Hormones and Endometriosis

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If you suffer from endometriosis or have heavy periods, calendula is a calming and hormone-friendly flower.  Just steep 1 tablespoon of calendula blossoms in a small teapot and sip throughout the day during menstruation.  It’s my go-to tea blend every month!

We love this herb so much that we infuse pure calendula blossoms into each and every one of blossom jar’s face and body oils. Every skin type benefits from this impressive flower.

Here’s to celebrating Mother Nature in each and every bottle of blossom jar!


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