All of our ingredients are certified organic and sourced locally when possible.

Unique Ingredients and Process

Our ingredients are simple: pure and organic flower blossoms, healing herbs and therapeutic-grade essential oils – nothing else!  You don’t need a chemistry degree to understand our labels.

blossom jar’s non-toxic skin care products do not contain synthetic ingredients, chemicals, parabens or preservatives.  Our face and body oils are 100% organic, natural and vegan.  We never test on animals.

Here is a list of all the ingredients we currently use in our products:

Base Oils

ingredientSweet Almond
Nourishes skin, delays the aging process and makes complexion glow with its high concentration of nutrients and vitamins
ingredientKuki Nut*
Penetrates the deepest layers of the skin helping to prevent and smooth wrinkles; packed with fatty acids and antioxidants
Soothes dry skin, reduces wrinkles; freshens skin tone and helps balance hormones; one of the best anti-aging oils
ingredientApricot Kernel
Provides sufficient moisture while gently keeping skin supple, elastic and healthy
Absorbs quickly and balances skin by resembling the body’s own sebum

*Our only non-certified organic ingredient, but grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals. Sourced from a reputable natural ingredients company.


Botanicals for infusions

Brightens skin and provides antioxidants
Detoxifies skin and reduces scarring
Tones down redness and calms skin
Calms flushing and soothes irritated or sensitive skin
ingredientLemon Balm
Penetrates deeply and acts as a natural astringent
Decreases inflammation and aids in circulation
Prevents aging and is full of antioxidants
Heals hormone-related breakouts


Therapeutic-grade essential oils

Disinfects and heals infections and cuts
Minimizes pores and boosts circulation
Relieves dryness and lightens wrinkles
ingredientCarrot Seed
Clears blemishes and freshens skin tone
Protects against bacteria and soothes skin
Acts as an effective natural preservative
Nourishes skin and neutralizes redness
Reduces puffiness and closes pores
Relieves irritation and is anti-inflammatory
Regenerates dry and mature skin
Balances oily skin and cools inflammation
ingredientTea Tree
Fights breakout infections and heals acne


Our Unique Process

Sweet almond oil is the base for all of blossom jar’s natural skin care products. Additional cold-pressed and unrefined organic oils are added to skin type-specific products, such as jojoba (to tone down oil production) or rosehip (for a more intense dose of moisture).

Whole and organic flower blossoms, healing herbs, plants and roots are infused into each of the oils using a traditional process. For example, you’ll find yarrow leaf extracts in our oily skin moisturizer and chamomile bud properties in our sensitive skin oil. We can’t give away our creation secrets, but can assure you our gentle process maintains the integrity of the oils and potency of the botanicals. Our dedicated process takes at least 14 days, so a lot of care and love goes into each bottle!

Carefully selected, therapeutic-grade organic essential oils are then picked to synergistically work with the botanicals, addressing the specific needs of each skin type – Oily, Hormonal, Dry, Sensitive, Normal and Men’s Skin. Our face and body oil blends are 100% natural and use organic rosemary essential oil as a preservative. All ingredients are certified organic and sourced from reputable distributors. When possible, blossom jar sources from local farms and aims to be a 100 percent sustainable and zero-waste company.

Everything is handcrafted and made in small, fresh batches in San Francisco, California.