Meditate for Clear and Radiant Skin


For over six thousand years, ancient beauties from India and Asia have used meditation to create healthy and thriving lives.  At its core, meditation is about breathing deeply and focusing solely on the present. Taking time to allow the mind to rest from its incessant spiral of thoughts triggers a myriad of physiological changes in the body – many … [Read more...]

Ballet Beautiful: Dance-Inspired Toning Exercises To Smooth Cellulite

Smooth cellulite with Ballet Beautiful dance workout

Getting dressed up and seeing “The Nutcracker” ballet performance is a cherished holiday tradition for my family. While I love listening to Tchaikovsky’s melodies and seeing the festive costumes, I am most captivated by the graceful ballerinas. Ballerinas’ figures are legend for being strong yet delicate, with long and toned muscles. There’s no … [Read more...]

Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes for Beauty and Wellness

Skin Healthy Thanksgiving Foods and Dishes

  Just having a table laden with delicious food is reason enough to be grateful this Thanksgiving. But making a little extra room on your plate for the dishes that are tasty, healthy and good for skin make the holiday even better.  Here are the healthy Thanksgiving foods to seek out while marveling at the cornucopia of goodness! Sweet Potatoes … [Read more...]

Health and Beauty Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Health and Beauty Benefits of Cod Liver Oil - blossom jar skincare

Besides knowing the beauty benefits of castor oil, my great-grandfather was also an advocate of cod liver oil. Every morning before he left to visit his patients, he’d wait for my grandma to take her morning spoonful of the fish oil.  My grandma may not remember that routine fondly, but he knew then – as science has proven now – that cod liver oil … [Read more...]

Get Moving, Gorgeous: Exercise for Clear Skin

Exercise for Clear Skin

We all know exercise is good for our hearts and bodies, but specific types of exercises can help clear skin and improve your complexion. According to celebrity personal trainer Jillian Michaels, a variety of exercise is key to keeping muscles in top form and your body - and skin - healthy. However, doing the same exercises every day can lead to … [Read more...]

How to Clean and Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Jane Iredale Natural Makeup Brushes: How to Clean and Wash

Knowing how to clean your makeup brushes is essential. If you aren’t washing them at least monthly, now is the time to start.  Everyday use, leftover product and inevitable bacteria exposure can sabotage your clear skin efforts and contribute to unnecessary breakouts and clogged pores. To get them nice and clean, soak makeup brushes in … [Read more...]

Organic versus Natural Beauty Ingredients


There’s a common misconception that natural ingredients and organic ones are interchangeable. But is it really like comparing apples to apples? I’ve had some customers and journalists ask me this question in the past, and all I can say is…kind of, but not in the way you’d think. Once you get down to it, beauty products are essentially food for … [Read more...]

Coconut, Flaxseed or Olive Oil? Know Your Cooking Oils

Best Cooking Oils for Health and Beauty: Organic Butter, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Olive Oil

Increasing scientific studies are focusing on the critical role of lipids in promoting skin health. But what are lipids exactly and how can you ensure your skin has an adequate supply? Lipids are essentially the building blocks of all living cells, and fatty acids are one of the most important lipid components when it comes to beauty.  By using … [Read more...]