How to Knit a Face Washcloth

How to Knit a Face Cloth or Washcloth - blossom jar natural skincare

As the days begin to get shorter and darker, we have a fun and crafty project for your beauty cupboard. Grab some knitting needles and make a handful of soft face washcloths! Handmade face cloths offer gentle yet effective daily exfoliation, especially when washing up before bedtime. They also can be used to open up pores and prime skin for … [Read more...]

How to Properly Wash Your Face

how to properly wash and cleanse your face - blossom jar natural skincare

It’s a simple part of a daily beauty routine, but one that largely dictates the overall health of your complexion. Properly washing your face is key to controlling breakouts, postponing wrinkles and preventing irritation. It also provides a clean canvas to let your blossom jar oils and other products do their beautifying work. Over the course of … [Read more...]

How To Apply Facial Oils and Serums

How to Apply Almond, Coconut, Olive or Rosehip Facial Oils and Serums - Dampen Skin

Knowing how to apply facial oils and serums may seem like a no-brainer - many would say 'Just slather it on!' - but there is an easy and less wasteful way to maximize the benefits of your blossom jar products: simply make sure your skin is damp and start with fewer drops. A light mist of water or nourishing toner will do wonders for the … [Read more...]

How to Clean and Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Jane Iredale Natural Makeup Brushes: How to Clean and Wash

Knowing how to clean your makeup brushes is essential. If you aren’t washing them at least monthly, now is the time to start.  Everyday use, leftover product and inevitable bacteria exposure can sabotage your clear skin efforts and contribute to unnecessary breakouts and clogged pores. To get them nice and clean, soak makeup brushes in … [Read more...]