Summer Sipping: Watermelon Cooler

Summer Drink for Skin - Watermelon Cooler - Blossom Jar Beauty

Keep cool this Fourth of July with a watermelon summer slushy! We’ve adapted and put our own beauty twist on this popular cooler recipe, substituting hydrating coconut ice cubes and calming honey for regular ice and white sugar. The summer sun can be notoriously tough on skin, but with watermelon as the drink's base it'll give your complexion a … [Read more...]

Bite-Size Beauty: Bliss Balls

Bite-Size Beauty: Bliss Ball Recipe - Lemon Slice from Nat Kringoudis and Kylie Anderson - blossom jar Beauty Cupboard Blog

Bliss balls are our new favorite snack! Portable, delicious and filled with raw beauty ingredients, these no-fuss goodies satisfy cravings and are high in protein. Stash a few in your purse or keep a small container at the office – just watch out, you’ll probably have to share! The ingredient combinations for bliss balls are endless, but we’re … [Read more...]

Homemade Apple Cider Recipe

Homemade Apple Cider Recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas - Winter Treat for Skin - Beauty Food - blossom jar skincare

The perfect festive drink for Thanksgiving, homemade apple cider is a cinch to make and has tons of skin-soothing ingredients! The main ingredient - apples, of course! - contains high levels of various vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C builds collagen and fortifies skin, Vitamin A has anti-aging retinoids, and copper provides natural UV … [Read more...]

Five Ingredient Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Five Ingredient Pumpkin Soup Recipe from Foodie Crush - blossom jar skincare Beauty Foods

To get into the Halloween spirit, we’ve been cooking up huge batches of this simple, savory pumpkin soup. With only five ingredients – all of which are Thai-inspired beauty foods - this recipe is quick to make and very satisfying. The base is chicken stock, which is filled with natural collagen and anti-aging minerals. Creamy coconut milk is … [Read more...]

Early Girl Tomato Soup Recipe

Beauty Food for Skin - Early Girl Tomato Soup Recipe blossom jar natural skincare

Early Girl tomatoes are plentiful this season, so fill up your market tote and feed your skin inside and out! After whipping up our homemade tomato beauty mask, there’s no better use for leftovers than to make a delicious tomato soup. Tomatoes, after all, are nature’s sunscreen. And after the hot summer we’ve had here in California, this … [Read more...]

Homemade Tomato Mask for Skin

blossom jar Homemade Tomato Mask for Skin

We’re on the cusp of autumn, and farmer’s market stalls are brimming with heirloom tomatoes. To help undo any summer sun damage, fill your basket with this beauty food and head home to make a repairing mask! Considered nature’s sunscreen, tomatoes are filled with lycopene, which helps protect against UV rays.  They also have high amounts of … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato and Leek Soup

Sweet Potato and Leek Soup with Thyme and Paprike - blossom jar Beauty Food Recipe

Leek and potato soup is a classic dish, but with the starchy white potatoes and heavy cream it isn’t necessarily wonderful for your waistline – or your skin. So this week when I received a shipment of leeks and sweet potatoes in my CSA box, I decided to lighten up this traditional winter dish and pack it with beautifying nutrients. Sweet … [Read more...]

Healthy, Easy and Delicious: Coconut Apple Crumble Recipe

Healthy and Easy Apple Crumble Recipe with Coconut Oil, Oats and Shredded Coconut - Beauty Food

Oh, the humble apple crumble. Healthier than apple pie but sweet enough to satisfy a dessert craving, this fall dish is full of skin-friendly vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.  Whether you’re celebrating fall in America with an apple-picking weekend, or using fresh apples out of your CSA box here in Australia, this is one treat you can feel good … [Read more...]

Coconut, Flaxseed or Olive Oil? Know Your Cooking Oils

Best Cooking Oils for Health and Beauty: Organic Butter, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Olive Oil

Increasing scientific studies are focusing on the critical role of lipids in promoting skin health. But what are lipids exactly and how can you ensure your skin has an adequate supply? Lipids are essentially the building blocks of all living cells, and fatty acids are one of the most important lipid components when it comes to beauty.  By using … [Read more...]

The Best Teas for Healthy Skin: Rosehip and Lavender

Best Tea for Skin Rosehip and Lavender

A freshly brewed cup of coffee or steaming mug of green tea in the morning is a treat. But while coffee has been noted for its possible prevention of skin cancer and green tea is praised for its antioxidants, both still deliver a hefty dose of caffeine.  Caffeine is aggravating and drying to the body, and directly impacts your liver. And if your … [Read more...]