Why Your Skin Craves Probiotics

Beauty Food for Skin: Probiotics blossom jar

courtesy TheKitchn.com

In the Persian version of the Old Testament, Abraham attributed his long life “to the consumption of sour milk.” The ancient Greeks agreed and gave a name to this type of beneficial food: probiotics, meaning ‘for life.’

Found to be strains of good bacteria and yeast, probiotics are microorganisms essential to building healthy intestinal flora in the stomach and gut. Probiotics help your body fight off infection and inflammation, rebuild cells, and properly absorb vitamins and minerals. As studies have shown a link between gut and skin health, it makes sense that consuming probiotic-rich foods could also make skin healthy, vibrant and smooth. When individuals suffering from eczema or acne were put on a probiotic-filled diet, scientists found that their skin conditions improved significantly.

Want to eat your way to flawless skin? Here are some of the top foods bursting with immunity-boosting and skin-clearing probiotics to add to your diet!

Beauty Food For Skin: Probiotics blossom jar

courtesy Averiecooks.com

Cultured Dairy Products

Fermented Foods

Most of these foods can be found at your local health foods store. But if you want to have a go at making some of them yourself, we love “The Nourished Kitchen” or “The Art of Fermentation” cookbooks, as well as the links we’ve included above.

If you need to supplement, nutritionist Kimberly Snyder sells a great probiotic supplement. We also recommend making her Probiotic and Enzyme Cabbage Salad at home, which is a version of sauerkraut.

May these foods bring you good health and beautiful skin for life!