I was drawn to a family beauty secret from my great-grandmother Lydia

Our Story


Give your skin type the natural support it needs and watch it blossom!

After receiving an endometriosis diagnosis in my early twenties, I began to pore over research on hormone-related illnesses and, for the first time, actually looked at what was in my skincare products and cosmetics. Even though I had been a beauty writer and editor, always eager to try the latest ‘miracle in a bottle,’ this was a wake-up call to the exhausting list of toxic and unnatural ingredients I was exposing myself to on a daily basis. These mass-produced, synthetic chemicals were obviously affecting my hormones and health. Something had to change.

In an effort to simplify my life, I was immediately drawn to a family beauty secret from my great-grandmother Lydia. Her timeless beauty advice and ancestral remedies sparked the beginning of blossom jar. Six years of research, experimentation and botanical study later, blossom jar was ready to launch and I found myself endometriosis-free and with happy skin!. The addition of an MBA degree in Sustainable Enterprise (so I could run my business in a conscious, earth-loving manner) and a trip across the world to complete my herbalist studies in Western Herbal Remedies have helped make blossom jar a special boutique beauty company.

I believe skincare shouldn’t carry any health risks, so blossom jar bottles the natural intelligence of Mother Nature – purely and honestly – so that you never have to worry about deciphering our ingredient labels.

-Sasha Wirth, Founder

It’s what is on the inside that matters.

That’s why blossom jar creates organic and natural skincare products using ancestral beauty remedies, healing botanicals, and unique sweet almond oil infusions all rooted in the philosophy of Western Herbal Medicine. Our non-toxic facial oils and body oil blends reflect the skin care rituals perfected and revered by beauties over the centuries, but somehow forgotten in our made-in-a-lab world.

To heal most skin issues – from breakouts to discoloration to wrinkles – products need to penetrate the seven layers of the skin and be recognized by your cellular structure. By using the purest organic ingredients – healing herbs, flower blossoms, vegetable/nut oils and essential oils – in their whole and unrefined states, blossom jar face and body oils can reach those layers and help moisturize and nourish skin naturally and effectively.

Using traditional methods, our organic sweet almond oil is infused with a bouquet of healing herbs, flowers, roots and leaves that are handpicked to address the concerns of six different facial skin types – Oily, Hormonal, Dry, Sensitive, Normal and Men’s Skin.  Therapeutic-grade essential oils and additional cold-pressed beauty oils, like jojoba and rosehip oil, are then hand-poured into each infused blend to further aid in cell rejuvenation and help reinforce the skin’s deeper layers where aging and complexion issues begin.


By choosing blossom jar’s organic face moisturizers and body oils, you’ll pamper and restore skin with an infusion of key nutrients, fatty acids and antioxidants directly from natural sources.

Each bottle is handcrafted and made in small batches in San Francisco, California.

Handmade in an ancestral space.

Our manufacturing studio is located near Golden Gate Park in a space rich with family history. In the 1950s, the studio was an international parcel shop run by my great-great-aunt Nina and great-grandfather Alexei. Nina spoke French and never went out without a chic shrug, while her brother Alexei had dreams of running away to the circus (and even attempted it once in his youth) and could play any song on the piano after hearing a few chords. Years later, my grandfather Peter transformed the shop into his successful photography studio, where he sang along to opera for hours and kept a secret stash of chocolates.

Like our blends, the studio is infused with ancestral energy, and I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to redesign the space into a modern skincare-based apothecary to prepare our signature blossom jar products.

Start a new and lasting beauty ritual with blossom jar!

My Philosophy

Beauty is so personal, but I find mass-produced skincare products to be the complete opposite. blossom jar is my way of honoring the craft of making high-quality, natural skincare products by hand. This requires patience and time to let the ingredients effectively blend together. It's exactly how my great-grandmother would have done it, and I (and my skin!) wouldn't have it any other way.

—Sasha Fedulow Wirth.