Organic versus Natural Beauty Ingredients

There’s a common misconception that natural ingredients and organic ones are interchangeable. But is it really like comparing apples to apples? I’ve had some customers and journalists ask me this question in the past, and all I can say is…kind of, but not in the way you’d think.

Once you get down to it, beauty products are essentially food for your skin.  Ideally you want the best and healthiest quality you can afford, right? This is where things get tricky, especially since the word ‘natural’ is unregulated in the beauty industry. For argument’s sake, I’ll focus on ingredients that are closely tied to nature, like base oils (argan, rosehip, etc) and essential oils, not synthetic ingredients that large companies try to pass off as ‘natural.’  So what’s the difference then between organic versus natural beauty ingredients in skincare and cosmetics?

If we were comparing beauty ingredients to food, an apple for example, it could look something like this:


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There’s a hierarchy of health here that tends to be glossed over in the beauty industry, and it’s important to be aware of the differences.  Let’s say you take these apples and decide to juice them, a process that is similar to how plant oils (almond, coconut, jojoba, etc) and essential oils are made. With your organic apples, you’re getting the purest juice bursting with vitamins, minerals and no nasty pesticides or toxins. With the conventional apples, the tasty juice is mixed in with whatever pesticides, chemicals and waxes were applied to the fruit. Sure, it’s certainly healthier than getting a mass-produced boxed juice, but it isn’t on par with the organic apple juice.

For ingredients like highly-concentrated essential oils, going organic over ‘natural’ can make a huge difference, as you’ll be steering clear of a very potent concentration of pesticides and chemical sprays that inevitably come with that lovely-smelling peppermint or lavender. Or, in the case of base oils, avoiding the fungicide remnants that are part of a natural, but non-organic, argan or almond oil. This is why blossom jar sources the best organic ingredients we can find. And if something isn’t available as certified organic (like our Kukui Nut oil), we ensure that it is chemical-free and up to our standards.

So while they may appear the same, natural and organic ingredients are, at their core, different.