Meditate for Clear and Radiant Skin

Meditate for Clear and Radiant Skin - blossom jar Ancestral Beauty Secrets


For over six thousand years, ancient beauties from India and Asia have used meditation to create healthy and thriving lives.  At its core, meditation is about breathing deeply and focusing solely on the present. Taking time to allow the mind to rest from its incessant spiral of thoughts triggers a myriad of physiological changes in the body – many of which have direct beauty benefits.

Meditation has been proven to promote restful sleep (important for building healthy skin cells) and calm the nervous system (helpful in smoothing worry lines and wrinkles).  But how does it work exactly? How can the intangible practice of meditation produce tangible effects in the body and skin? The answer, according to modern science, lies in the production of the hormone melatonin.

As scientists have discovered, melatonin seems to be the only hormone in the human body that has antioxidant properties. With its ability to counter the effects of aging and disease, producing healthy amounts of melatonin naturally will make you look and feel young.  We produce varying levels of the hormone when we sleep, but scientific studies have found that melatonin production also occurs during the practice of meditation.

I like to meditate once a day for 10 minutes, but the beauty of meditation is that even five minutes a day is beneficial. Simply find a comfortable place to sit (cross-legged or in a chair), make sure your spine is aligned, rest hands on your knees, and take deep breaths and exhalations through your nose. Focus on your breathing and let all thoughts pass through your mind, not allowing yourself to dwell on any of them. At some point, the thoughts will slow down and you’ll be in a space of inner peace.

You can meditate in complete silence or listen to music, but I always like to set a timer. It keeps me from checking the clock and disturbing my meditation practice. There are lots of good apps out there, but my favorite is the simple and free Insight Timer.  For meditation music, I really like meditones from The Attitude Revolution. And if I’m in the mood for a guided meditation, the tracks from Gabby Bernstein are my go-to.

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Take a deep breath and relax your way to radiant, smooth skin!