Make 2014 an Incredible Year

New Year New You 2013_blossom jar

Setting resolutions for the New Year can be tricky.  Even with the best of intentions, it can feel like they’re specifically engineered to get our hopes up and then let us down.  But it doesn’t have to be this way. I believe that if you set the right, thoughtful intentions and frame them in a positive way, your resolutions can transform themselves into exciting opportunities for the year ahead.

To make sure I’m creating resolutions that will enrich my life, I set specific Mind, Body and Soul goals. For 2014 this includes committing to a meditation practice every day, starting with just five minutes, to calm any racing thoughts in my Mind and give me pause before I launch into my day of running blossom jar. For plenty of energy, I’ll continue my regular exercise routine and add short walks throughout the day to keep my Body moving and active. I’ll also nourish my Body with lots of homemade dishes from new cookbooks I’ve acquired. And to get my Soul fired up, I’ll grow new herbs and flowers (inspiration for expanding blossom jar products!) and make time for journaling and writing in the morning. I have a few more resolutions for 2014, but the key criteria each one meets is that it somehow contributes to a more meaningful, happier and healthier life. No punishing resolutions for me!



For guidance on digging deep and staying away from vague and energy-draining resolutions like “I’m overweight and need to lose 10 pounds,” here are some articles that can help make 2014 your best year yet!

What To Do Before Making New Year Resolutions by Move Nourish Believe

14 Ways to Make 14 Miraculous by Gabby Bernstein

4 Steps to Set Goals with Soul by Marie Forleo 

If you’re ready to get honest with yourself and truly create change in your life, check out Tara Bliss and Rachel MacDonald’s Spirited: Soulful Lessons on Clarity, Connection and Coming Home (to You) e-book, which I’ve recommended in the past. The duo also recently released the Spirited 2014 Companion guide, which is a practical activity book to implement the lessons and realizations gleaned from Spirited. I’ve started reading and working on the Spirited 2014 Companion and love how it builds upon the wisdom and inspiration from the first e-book!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and beautiful New Year!