How to Properly Wash Your Face

how to properly wash and cleanse your face - blossom jar natural skincare

It’s a simple part of a daily beauty routine, but one that largely dictates the overall health of your complexion. Properly washing your face is key to controlling breakouts, postponing wrinkles and preventing irritation. It also provides a clean canvas to let your blossom jar oils and other products do their beautifying work.

Over the course of a day, our skin comes into contact with a host of pollutants, dirt and grime. Wearing makeup, sweating from a lunchtime yoga class, or even just being outside leaves traces on the skin. Before jumping into bed, take a few minutes to thoroughly cleanse your face and neck.  This simple habit – done correctly – will help set the foundation for a radiant complexion!

First, pull hair back and pin any loose ends. Then spend about 30 seconds splashing your face and top of the neck with warm water. This helps dissolve the surface layer of dirt. Next, apply a small amount of facial cleanser to the skin and gently massage using circular motions, starting at your nose and moving outwards. Do this for about 60-90 seconds to really clean the deeper layers of the skin. To prevent the aging effect of gravity, always massage upwards.

While gadgets like electronic facial brushes have grown in popularity, I find them to be too harsh for daily use. Scrubbing the skin too aggressively can weaken its fibers, lead to broken capillaries and cause irritation over time. On most days my fingers provide enough cleansing pressure, but when I’ve been more active I use a homemade knit washcloth or soft brush (like this one) to wash my face.

Thoroughly rinse off cleanser with warm water and pat your face dry with a soft towel, making sure not to tug or pull at skin. Remove any remaining eye makeup with coconut oil and you’re ready to move onto nourishing your skin with oils and serums!

And remember, while it is arguably more important to wash skin after a long day, it is critical to do a quick cleanse in the morning. Our sleeping hours give skin an opportunity to detox and release toxins, so cleansing first thing helps put your best face forward.