How to Clean and Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Jane Iredale Natural Makeup Brushes: How to Clean and Wash

courtesy Jane Iredale Cosmetics

Knowing how to clean your makeup brushes is essential. If you aren’t washing them at least monthly, now is the time to start.  Everyday use, leftover product and inevitable bacteria exposure can sabotage your clear skin efforts and contribute to unnecessary breakouts and clogged pores.

To get them nice and clean, soak makeup brushes in non-irritating, eco dish soap or natural baby shampoo and warm water.  After three minutes, rub bristles with fingers to dislodge any trapped makeup.  Rinse well two or three times until the water runs clear and place on a towel to dry.  To prop up the tops of the makeup brushes and help bristles keep their shape, roll a second thin cloth and place it at the edge of the towel, angling the brushes to keep them from lying flat. Drying the brushes in an upright position isn’t recommended since the water will settle into the glue holding the bristles together and compromise the longevity of your brushes.

To freshen up your makeup brushes throughout the month, try the below homemade essential oil spray wash by Move Nourish Believe. Just be sure to tread lightly if using this spray on eyeshadow brushes as the essential oils can irritate the sensitive skin around eyes. Now you’re set to get all dolled up!

Natural Essential Oil Wash and Spray for Makeup Brushes

courtesy Move Nourish Believe blog