Homemade Dairy Alternatives for Clear Skin

Almond Milk Recipe blossom jar

Though it’s still up for debate, researchers have found that there is a correlation between dairy intake and skin breakouts. Interestingly, skim milk and other heavily processed dairy products (like milk chocolate) seem to be the worse offenders.

Personally I drink organic whole milk and don’t experience any issues.  However, low fat and skim milk are banned from my refrigerator. The process of lowering or removing the natural fat content of milk disrupts the whole food. Chemicals, preservatives and sugar are added in to ‘make up for’ this loss – all very bad things for the skin!

But if you still feel like your skin and dairy of any kind just don’t mix – or are simply curious about sipping a coconut latte for breakfast – here are three delicious and healthy milk alternatives you can easily make at home:

Almond Milk: Packed with Vitamin E, almonds keep skin moisturized, supple and protected from UV rays.  This “How to Make Almond Milk” video from Move Nourish Believe will have you instantly craving a glass of refreshing almond milk!

Coconut Milk: Bursting with natural proteins, calcium, iron and Vitamins A and C, coconut milk is amazing for skin. It is healing, nourishing and improves the elasticity of cells and blood vessels, keeping skin resilient and youthful. This coconut milk recipe from theKITCHN blog is a favorite!

Hazelnut Milk: High in antioxidants and critical vitamins, including E, K and the B group, hazelnuts protect skin cells from aging and environmental stressors.  This hazelnut milk recipe from The Nourishing Gourmet is rich and creamy – perfect for a cup of hot cocoa!

Alternative Milk Recipe - Coconut Milk Recipe blossom jar

Coconut Milk from theKITCHN

I like to always have one alternative milk option in the fridge. I store the freshly blended milk in a Mason jar and make a new batch every 3-4 days. As I like my milk thicker and creamier, I tend to lower the amount of water recommended in a recipe. For example, I typically blend one cup of soaked almonds with three instead of four cups of filtered water. And if I feel like adding some natural sweetness, honey, cinnamon, vanilla and dates are great additions.

Acne and indigestion, be gone! These milk alternatives will certainly do a body (and your complexion!) good.