Happy Customers

“My skin gets dehydrated and has really improved with my blossom jar oil. I love this beautiful product!”
—Lauren C., Sydney, NSW

“I love the blossom jar Men’s Formula because it is effective, natural, and locally sourced. I’ve been using blossom jar for the last 3 months and it has led to noticeably positive changes in my skin, which incidentally have been noted by friends, family, and even perfect strangers. Knowing that the product I am using is naturally sourced and made in small batches by very passionate people makes blossom jar my go-to skincare product! It’s something I highly recommend to anyone who cares about their skin!”
—Chris T., Seattle, WA

“I’ve been using my new blossom jar oil for normal skin for the past few weeks and my skin looks amazing: very soft, smooth and glowing. It’s a fantastic moisturizer!”
—Laurie M., Stanford, CA

“If I could bathe in blossom jar every night I would! It is simply a must-have and feels good to know it is clean and natural (not to mention lush with an amazing scent). I highly recommend this luxurious product to everyone of every type of skin.”
—Tarah B., San Francisco, CA

“I’ve used a lot of moisturizers and blossom jar is hands-down the best product ever! My skin is soft and well-moisturized without feeling greasy, and I like that the fragrance is natural and not over-powering like many of the other products out there. I’m a loyal customer!”

—Lydia F., San Francisco, CA

“I love this oil moisturizer! I’ve used it for the last few days and can’t believe how soft my skin is!”

—Nina M., Sacramento, CA

“I started using this oil on my face THEN I started using it on my hands and forearms and I LOVE it, the texture, the smell, and how it seeps into my skin. This morning I put 4 drops in my hand and ran it through my hair and WOW it doesn’t feel oily, and it is shiny …so will look for more ways to use this product. Very happy with it.”

—Marsha M., Boise, ID

“I was wary to use oil on my face because, of course, I was afraid of making it oily! Glad I gave it a try because it’s the only facial moisturizer I ever use now. Leaves me moisturized and soft and smells amazing. I use the sensitive skin formula.”

—Lydia S., Chicago, IL

“blossom jar face oil has earned a permanent part in my daily routine. I use the ‘Normal Skin’ line in the morning before I apply my makeup and after my evening showers. It feels amazing to put a product on my face that is natural and simple; just read the ingredients, there are only 8 in mine and I know exactly what each one is!”

—Maria M., Forestville, CA

“I’ve had about two weeks with my blossom jar face oil and am loving the results! If you’re in the market for something new, you should try these healthy, sustainable, small batch beauty products.”

—Sarah W., Venice Beach, CA

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