Daily Face Massage for Perfect Skin

Daily Face Massage - blossom jar Skincare New Year Beauty Resolution

This year, we’re turning to a centuries-old beauty ritual for our New Year’s resolution: committing to a daily face massage. It’s simple, takes less than a minute, can be done while applying your blossom jar oil, and offers long-lasting complexion benefits.

Many early societies, including China, Japan and Russia, used a variety of facial exercises, pressure points and massage techniques to tone, strengthen and heal skin. My great-grandmother Lydia’s top beauty secret was indulging in face massages with sweet almond oil. Even today, whole cultures of women swear by it – French women particularly attribute daily face massage to their enviable complexions.

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Dermatologists and aestheticians agree: massaging the face reduces wrinkles, eliminates puffiness and inflammation, smoothes fine lines, increases circulation, brings nutrients to the skin’s surface, and gives your complexion a healthy glow. It also helps break up congestion and balance oil production, simultaneously revitalizing and relaxing all skin types.

To give yourself a massage, follow the detailed diagram below. Start at the neck area and work your way up, moving in soft, sweeping motions with your fingertips. This is the traditional way to do a face massage (starting lower as a counter-measure against the aging pull of gravity), but the GIF from Refinery29 above can also be followed.

Wishing you a happy (and beautiful) New Year!

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Face Massage Diagram for Clear, Youthful and Smooth Skin - blossom jar skincare

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