The Best Teas for Healthy Skin: Rosehip and Lavender

Best Tea for Skin Rosehip and Lavender

A freshly brewed cup of coffee or steaming mug of green tea in the morning is a treat. But while coffee has been noted for its possible prevention of skin cancer and green tea is praised for its antioxidants, both still deliver a hefty dose of caffeine.  Caffeine is aggravating and drying to the body, and directly impacts your liver. And if your liver is overworked and unhappy, the effects will eventually begin to show up on your face as flaky skin, deep lines or acne. So think moderation for green tea and coffee.

Fortunately there are certain teas you can, and should, sip to your heart’s content!  Two of my favorite caffeine-free teas – both of which are incredible for healthy skin – are rosehip and lavender tea. Not surprisingly, both lavender and rosehip are also ingredients in our skincare products due to their impressive vitamin and antioxidant count.

Rosehips are essentially the fruit of a rose. They are filled with skin-repairing Vitamin C (50 percent more than oranges!) and rejuvenating Vitamin A, which nourishes and regenerates skin cells. The antioxidants found in rosehips also help skin repair itself if you’re struggling with acne scars or inflammation. If I had to pick one tea for general skin health and anti-aging benefits, this would be it.

Lavender buds have powerful antibacterial properties. They help fortify the skin, producing a healthy outer layer that keeps invading bacteria from messing with your complexion. Lavender is also a relaxant, calming your nerves and restoring deep breathing. Good oxygen supply in the body is key for glowing skin!

I recommend buying organic loose-leaf tea (medicinal grade if available) and using two tablespoons per cup, up to three times per day. Steep each cup for 10 minutes and be sure to cover it with a saucer. You don’t want the volatile oils, which are the important skin-healing components, to evaporate.  Add organic honey or a splash of lemon to taste and savor the best teas for your skin!