Best Beauty Boosts for Your Smoothie

Best Beauty Boosts for Smoothies - Protein Powders, Probiotics, and Greens


Smoothies are a phenomenal beauty food.  In one glass, you can get many of the essential nutrients for clear and glowing skin.  Just throw in lots of fresh, organic fruits and leafy greens (carrot tops, kale and romaine lettuce are some of my favorites) and you have a well-rounded meal that is easy to digest and energizing. And when your body doesn’t have to waste extra energy on digestion, it can focus on more important beauty matters like repairing skin damage and healing inflammation.

To boost the beauty benefits of my smoothie, there are a few key powders and ingredients I like to add. Collectively, these supplements cover all the major beauty bases for nourishing my skin.  From protein to probiotics, here are my top picks:

Sunwarrior Classic Rice Protein Powder – Protein powders get a bad rap, and for good reason. Many are packed with soy fillers, gluten, sugar and other unhealthy additives and preservatives. I’ve searched long and hard for a healthy protein powder and this one fits the bill. It is made from raw sprouted whole grain brown rice and contains all nine essential amino acids and lots of vitamins and minerals that are key for collagen production.  The chocolate flavor is amazing!

Glow Inner Beauty Powder – Caring for your skin on the outside is important, but true beauty really does come from within  – within the gut, that is. Probiotics and prebiotics can help replace any beneficial flora that your body has lost due to stress, bad eating choices and other lifestyle factors.  They are key to boosting immunity and reducing inflammation, which in turn creates strong, smooth and resilient skin. This powder is packed with probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. One teaspoon daily is all you need and it tastes delicious!

Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens – Made with 35 super foods, food concentrates, and plant extracts, I like to add this blend for the fiber, phyto-nutrients and naturally occurring enzymes. Phyto-nutrients are antioxidants that help fight against ageing and UV damage, and this powder is brimming with their green goodness. Detoxifying chlorophyll, spirulina and chlorella also aid the body in eliminating toxins and keeping skin breakout-free.

Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil – To be absorbed and used by the body, vitamins from fruit and vegetables need dietary fat. So if you aren’t pouring in a little oil or adding almond butter to your smoothie, you may not be reaping their full nutritional benefits. I am a big fan of cod liver oil for healthy skin, but you can also use flaxseed or coconut oil in your smoothie if you prefer.