As the body’s largest organ of elimination, skin is a window into your overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, for true radiance, you need to take care of yourself holistically. On the inside and the outside. Mind, body and soul. By embracing this approach and finding the right mix of healthy products and lifestyle tweaks, you can get the beautiful skin you desire!   Pamper your skin with your favorite blossom jar oil and peek into my Beauty Cupboard for the best modern and ancestral health and beauty practices.

How to Knit a Face Washcloth

How to Knit a Face Cloth or Washcloth - blossom jar natural skincare

As the days begin to get shorter and darker, we have a fun and crafty project for your beauty cupboard. Grab some knitting needles and make a handful of soft face washcloths! Handmade face cloths offer gentle yet effective daily exfoliation, especially when washing up before bedtime. They also can be used to open up pores and prime skin for … [Read more...]

How to Properly Wash Your Face

how to properly wash and cleanse your face - blossom jar natural skincare

It’s a simple part of a daily beauty routine, but one that largely dictates the overall health of your complexion. Properly washing your face is key to controlling breakouts, postponing wrinkles and preventing irritation. It also provides a clean canvas to let your blossom jar oils and other products do their beautifying work. Over the course of … [Read more...]

Early Girl Tomato Soup Recipe

Beauty Food for Skin - Early Girl Tomato Soup Recipe blossom jar natural skincare

Early Girl tomatoes are plentiful this season, so fill up your market tote and feed your skin inside and out! After whipping up our homemade tomato beauty mask, there’s no better use for leftovers than to make a delicious tomato soup. Tomatoes, after all, are nature’s sunscreen. And after the hot summer we’ve had here in California, this … [Read more...]

Homemade Tomato Mask for Skin

blossom jar Homemade Tomato Mask for Skin

We’re on the cusp of autumn, and farmer’s market stalls are brimming with heirloom tomatoes. To help undo any summer sun damage, fill your basket with this beauty food and head home to make a repairing mask! Considered nature’s sunscreen, tomatoes are filled with lycopene, which helps protect against UV rays.  They also have high amounts of … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Bottle? Spotlight on Marjoram

blossom jar Natural Skincare Ingredients - Marjoram for Dry and Aging Skin

In celebration of the amazing botanicals and oils that infuse our blends and fill your bottles, we’re shining the spotlight on one special ingredient every month. Each flower, herb, carrier oil or essential oil has a very specific reason for being in your blossom jar product, and we’d like to share its unique story. From medicinal properties to … [Read more...]

We’re Moving!

We're moving! SYD > SFO New retail space coming Summer 2015!

It was only a matter of time. As Tony Bennett sang, "I left my heart in San Francisco," and so did we. It's been eye-opening and exciting living in Sydney for the past two years. Learning about traditional bush flowers and herbs has added to our growing knowledge of ancestral remedies around the world.  We'll be relaunching with new products … [Read more...]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for the Natural Beauty

blossom jar 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for the Natural Beauty

From luxurious skin treats to healthy cookbooks, we've found the best presents to hide under the tree for the natural beauty in your life!  Pamper her (or him!) with one of blossom jar's handcrafted face oils. Order the Dry Skin blend – our bestseller during the winter season – or let her choose her own with a lovely gift card. $40 - … [Read more...]

How to Prevent and Lighten Skin Spots

How to Prevent and Lighten Sun Spots, Age Spots and Pigmentation - blossom jar Natural Skincare

Sun exposure, aging, hormonal imbalances and scarring from nasty breakouts are the main causes of complexion spots. Getting rid of these discolored patches is difficult, but with a handful of simple homemade remedies you can be well on your way to lightening their appearance and rejuvenating skin. L-asorbic Acid (vitamin C) Powder Green … [Read more...]

Choosing Beauty with Alice Hoffman

Choosing Beauty - blossom jar review of "Survival Lessons" by Alice Hoffman

“I wrote to remind myself that in the darkest hour the roses still bloom, the stars still come out at night. I wrote to remind myself of the beauty of life,” begins the book Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman. During times of crisis or loss – or even when we’re swept up in the overwhelming stress of everyday life – it can be hard to take a moment … [Read more...]

Lemon and Lavender Chicken

Beauty Food Recipe: Lemon and Lavender Chicken from Rachel Khoo 's The Little Paris Kitchen

Chef and cookbook author Rachel Khoo is known for pairing unique ingredients in her French-inspired dishes. Black pepper ground into crème brulee?  Cured sausage and pistachio bits baked into a prune cake? Oh yes! Her surprising and tasty creations are frequently whipped up in our household, but one of my favorite dishes is Rachel’s Lemon and … [Read more...]