Sleeping Beauty: The Anti-Aging Benefits of Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcase Benefits


If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, your sleeping position might be giving you wrinkles.  Most pillow fabrics, cotton included, don’t have much give, so you end up pulling your skin down or bunching it up while getting your Zzz’s.  This can lead to sagging facial skin and wrinkles in the long term.  The fix?  Buy or make a silk pillowcase for a number of natural beauty benefits.

This ancestral beauty practice was first discovered and revered in ancient China, where the royals and the rich would sleep on silk pillowcases and bedding to preserve their beauty.  For thousands of years, silk remained a closely guarded secret. Smuggling it out of China was a crime punishable by death. Those ancient beauties knew they were onto something!

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The smoothness of silk is hypoallergenic and extremely gentle, and its ‘slipperiness’ keeps it from tugging on your facial skin. Silk also helps skin retain moisture throughout the night, providing anti-aging benefits and making sure your blossom jar oil can do its healing work. Now that’s beauty rest!