Health and Beauty Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Health and Beauty Benefits of Cod Liver Oil - blossom jar skincare

Besides knowing the beauty benefits of castor oil, my great-grandfather was also an advocate of cod liver oil. Every morning before he left to visit his patients, he’d wait for my grandma to take her morning spoonful of the fish oil.  My grandma may not remember that routine fondly, but he knew then – as science has proven now – that cod liver oil is healing for the human body and high in skin-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D.  He certainly didn’t need to prod my beautiful great-grandmother Lydia to take her spoonful!

Cod liver oil has been shown to protect arteries from damage, fight inflammation and help regulate the immune system – all very important for skin health – among other benefits like protecting against cancer. It is also extremely lubricating, keeping hair and skin nicely moisturized.  My great-grandfather even cured his tuberculosis by drinking copious amounts of cod liver oil – that’s how powerful it is!

When my grandma was young there were limited options for cod liver oil, but we have great products on the market today that don’t taste fishy at all (you can get the oil in lemon or mint flavor) and are made of high-quality, pure fats. My favorite brand is Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil. I take a teaspoon every day and have started to see the beauty benefits of cod liver oil firsthand – from smoother hair to an even-toned complexion.  And I’ve learned that if you take a daily multivitamin, it’s good to take the two together as the cod liver oil will help your body absorb any of the fat-soluble vitamins in your tablet.

Hesitant to swallow a teaspoon of oil? You can also pour cod liver oil into your morning smoothie or opt for a capsule. Either way, this is one internal oil that should find its way into your morning routine for long-lasting health and beauty!